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Author of 15 Books
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Now YOUR TEACHER in the MegaVitamin Formula Course.

Andrew says – I have been told that megavitamin therapy is the subject I present better than anyone else alive. Thank you for such kind words. I do indeed love to help people understand how vitamins can literally change (and sometimes save) their lives.”

This approach that does NOT recommend more drugs. Quite the opposite in fact. It’s an approach that is PROVEN and DOCUMENTED over decades – no matter what the mainstream media may try to tell you. VITAMINS WORK WHEN TAKEN IN THE RIGHT DOSES.

For cancer. For heart disease. For gut issues. For autoimmune issues. For dementia. The list really is endless.

Are they a sure cure? Of course not. Nothing is. But their incredible, fully documented track record shows they help in almost every situation. IF TAKEN IN THE RIGHT DOSES.

It’s time to walk a road less travelled.

What is it? It’s called Orthomolecular Medicine. Or MegaVitamin Therapy.

Sign up today  and make a change in your life RIGHT NOW.

Here’s what you get in the MVF Course

Gold, Silver or Platinum?

You can enrol at three different levels, depending on your needs. Along with everything that’s listed below, you will see three symbols like these:

They tell you which Level that part of the course is included in.

You can then make the choice at which level you want to take the course.
We start with: 

21 Daily Video Lessons

The main body of the course centers around 21 main video lessons. Each lesson is anywhere from 20 to 35 minutes long – this is not one of those courses where they divide it up into 6 minute videos to make it look comprehensive. The MVF Course has a LOT of great teaching. Although lessons are made available on a daily basis, you always have access to them once they are released – so you can’t miss anything.

Here’s what’s in the course:

Lesson 1: Vitamin C
Lesson 2: Vitamin C II
Lesson 3: Vitamin C (forms)
Lesson 4: Niacin
Lesson 5: Niacin II
Lesson 6: B Vitamins
Lesson 7: Vitamin A
Lesson 8: Vitamin E
Lesson 9: Vitamin D
Lesson 10: Minerals and iodine
Lesson 11: What Andrew takes himself
Lesson 12: Where to Start

Lesson 13: What to Buy
Lesson 14:
Vitamins for the elderly
Lesson 15: Whole foods and whole food  vitamins
Lesson 16: Juice Protocols 1
Lesson 17: Juice Protocols 2
Lesson 18: Juice Protocols 3
Lesson 19: Juice Protcols 4
Lesson 20: Belief
Lesson 21: Mindfullness
BONUS 21a: Wrapping it up

MP3 Audio Files

If AUDIO happens to be your preferred you  are covered there too. Each episode is included in an MP3 format, so you can listen in the car, the kitchen, the garden or even in the hot tub. Each of the 21 lessons are included – as are all the other video elements of the course. If there’s a video – there’s an audio.

Individual Transcripts

Some people learn much better by just reading. Others love to read along with the video. So we’ve transcribed each lesson for you, word for word. All in easy to open PDF files.

No matter what your preferred method of learning, you don’t want to have to struggle to separate your Tocotrienols from your Tochopherols! With the transcript, that’s not a problem.

Juicing Masterclass

What’s THIS doing here?

You may wonder why juicing features in several of the daily video lessons.

As Andrew explains himself, nothing gets naturally occuring nutrients into the body faster and in higher quantities, than vegetable juicing.

You wont find any exotic juicing recipes in the course, it focusses on case studies of Medical Doctors who have used certain juicing protocols to heal otherwise stubborn conditions.

So get that juicer revved up…….

Private Facebook Group

It’s much harder to achieve your goals on your own. That’s why we have a wonderful group of people gathered in our Private Facebook Group who are there to help you is you need to validate your ideas through the experiences of others..

They are all past alumni of the MVF Course, so they take their health seriously. Some people ask if we will move away from Facebook because of the censorship that’s occurring – we don’t have a definite answer for that right now.
Although it has issues, it remains the best platform for this sort of thing as of today.

But just to be clear – you do NOT have to have Facebook to take part in this course.

Behind the Scenes Interviews

Four in-depth interviews recorded in 2018 in Andrew’s home in upstate New York.

Michael Beattie (Director of That Vitamin Movie and Royal Award Winning journalist) sat down with Andrew to get a glimpse into the man behind the message.

These interviews give a fascinating glimpse into what led him down the healing path; and one or two things in here will REALLY surprise you.

The interviews also provide a wonderfully complex context for where his teachings actually spring from.

Personal Q&A’s

When going through the course, you may have various questions. Questions that perhaps deserve a more thorough explanation. It could be a question about the course content – but more than likely, it will be a question about your own health or that of a loved one.  

Well, we have great news. At the Gold Level you have access to 2 Question & Answer webinars where Andrew answers every single question. And each Gold Member can submit 2 questions for each webinar.

This is a part of the course which is totally unique; and also totally priceless! Plus you simply CANNOT get this type of one on one access anywhere else.

Legendary Protocols

In this extra video series, Andrew counts down what he considers to be the Top Ten Nutritional Protocols from the last 50 years.

He selects what are in his opinion the creme de la creme of nutritional protocols in existence – and explains why each of them is so important.

PLUS – he not only outlines the protocols, but gives details of where you can get your hands on the actual detailed protocol itself.

Extra Platinum Q&A’s

We’ve told you about the TWO Question and Answer sessions you get with the Gold Level – well – at PLATINUM Level you get access to 2 MORE Q&A’s, making 4 in total!

So with two questions per webinar, you can ask a total of eight questions during your Platinum Membership.

That’s quite a resource to call upon. 

Nuts & Bolts Video Series

ANOTHER 4-Part video series which covers four separate and crucial topics in great detail. This is the only place this series is available unless you purchase it separately on Andrew’s own website.

This series sells for $47 all on it’s own. (And watch out for the tie-dye t-shirt. It’s worth the price of admission all on it’s own 🙂

Plus the Infamous Webinar Vault

The webinar vault is a collection of over 50 HOURS of webinars from previous courses. Someone else may have had just the same question as you – and just one answer to the right question could change your life.

Now Registering for Course Beginning
September 1st 2021

The Three MVF Levels

Each Level includes everything from any level under it.

Did you ever wish in school that you got to choose your own teacher? Well today you do.

A teacher who has impacted millions, authored 15 books translated into a dozen languages, worked with legends of the genre, pioneered the web’s most successful vitamin course, and starred in several films.

You can’t pay to consult with Andrew W. Saul any more as he is now retired. The MVF Course is the ONLY way to get direct access to him

"Andrew Saul is a masterful speaker."

Charlotte Gerson

"Andrew Saul is an amazing scientist and contributor."

Abram Hoffer MD, PhD

"Fabulous and brilliant. Andrew Saul is educating us to educate ourselves.."

Margot Kidder, Actress

"Thank you for all that you're doing to educate the public about the most important aspects of how to stay healthy""

Dr Joseph Mercola



“What FANTASTIC videos and course. I have done many courses, some 10 times the cost of this and wanted to leave feedback to say this is excellent.
Very clear information. Easy to watch. “

Rachel S

“Dr Saul always has a mischievous amusing  wry sense of fun in his presentations – I got off my rear end and immediately set up my juicer – yet another successful promo acted upon by the audience  “

Tom, NC

“I send you a heartfelt ‘Thank You’ for the MegaVitamin Formula Course we just concluded.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and now have much less cognitive dissonance about a several topics.  The only thing I enjoyed as much as the material was your brilliant delivery!”


“I recently joined a Toastmasters group. The best part of the meeting was when four members approached me about using C in large doses for a variety of inflammatory conditions. I told them to read your site, buy your books and get the pills in their bodies…they don’t do any good in the jar. I owe you and your work a great debt. Without finding you in 2004, I would have lost my career, my livelihood, and very likely my home. I am in your debt. Warm regards.”

Money Back Guarantee
100% Ironclad 7-Day

We’re so confident you’re going to be blown away with this COURSE and all the accompanying bonuses and how it can completely transform your health, that we’re willing to give you until the end of day 7 to make your mind up.

We’re going to give you a whole week to watch the daily lessons… and THEN decide.
If, at that point, you don’t feel like your investment was worth it, contact us and we will give you 100% of your money back. No questions asked.

Andrew’s teaching comes, as he says, from the “Shoulder’s of Giants”. There are decades of proof that this stuff works. I you don’t feel like you’ve received a quality product that can change your life for the better, we will gladly refund your money.

Now Registering for Course Beginning
September 1st 2021

The Three MVF Levels

Each Level includes everything from any level under it.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How is the Megavitamin Formula different from other courses on the market?

This is the only course we know of where the teacher has NO TIES to any other commercial interests and it has already been delivered to hundreds of students from countries all around the world. It is the only online vitamin course that covers all the basics that you need to know AND which gives you direct access to THE world renowned expert in Orthomolecular (Megavitamin) medicine, via live webinars. It gives you 21 exclusive video lessons, audio versions, transcripts, in-depth interviews and the opportunity for live, question and answer webinars with Andrew himself. No other course comes close.

How do I know if I’m ready?

You’ve seen the examples and case studies of other MVF students. You’ve seen the details of the program on this page. And you may have read Andrew’s material for years. You have enough information to decide. Now it’s up to you. I encourage you to look inside and decide if this is right for you. It’s natural to have doubts. We all do — the invisible scripts around starting something online are so deep, they often hold us stagnant for years. If the MegaVitamin Formula course truly isn’t for you, don’t join. We’ll part as friends with no hard feelings, and we’ll continue sending you our free emails. But if you’re ready to break the shackles of ill health, the MegaVitamin Formula can help.

Is this just for older people?

We tested MVF with people of different ages, locations, niches, and skill levels. Age makes no difference when it comes to health and nutrition principles.

How much help am I going to get? Is there a way I can talk to Andrew for a minute if I need something?

Sorry, as much as we want to, Andrew can’t do 1-on-1 calls. But the truth is, you don’t need a call with him. There is community support built right into the course through the Facebook group. Get answers in minutes from hundreds of existing members. And there are also the LIVE webinar Q and A opportunities. Each of the LIVE Q and A webinars usually run from 90 minutes to 2 hours in length.

An email we received in the office…

I recently joined a Toastmasters group. The best part of the meeting was when four members approached me about using C in large doses for a variety of inflammatory conditions. I told them to read your site, buy your books and get the pills in their bodies…they don’t do any good in the jar. I owe you and your work a great debt. Without finding you in 2004, I would have lost my career, my livelihood, and very likely my home. I am in your debt. Warm regards, R McC

How do I convince my husband/wife to let me buy this product?

This is an important question which always makes us smile, since learning about new ways to improve your health is challenging, exhilarating, and new all at the same time! So you’ll want your partner in your corner when you start. But there are no easy answers. We recommend showing your partner the testimonials, and show them some of the material online about Andrew . And finally, explain exactly why you want MVF — what would that information potentially do for your family’s health, why MVF, and why now? — and show them how serious you’re taking this. If you make the case candidly and honestly, you’ll be able to talk through any barriers they have about you joining the course.

When can I expect to get healthy?

We can’t promise you specific results from your online course in a specific time-frame. Nobody can. And you shouldn’t trust anyone who does. Here’s why: We all begin at different levels of sophistication, experience, and skill. We all have different ailments. It would make no sense to promise “one size fits all” results just to get you to like us. Health issues are incredibly complex and we do not prescribe at all during the course, we describe. It probably took you years to get yourself into your current situation. Uncomfortable as it is, it may take some time to get out of it again.

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